Dragalia Lost the new Nintendo mobile game

dragalia lost

MiiTomo, Pokémon GO, Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem: Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and, soon, Mario Kart. These are the Nintendo games also ported to mobile phones that we can now download on iOS and Android devices, but all of them now would have to add an unexpected one: Dragalia Lost.

This time, and going back to its origins, it seems that the new Nintendo mobile game is a new IP, a new saga that arrives in the form of Dragalia Lost, a Japanese-type RPG described as an “entirely original action RPG. New “ jointly developed by Cygames and La Gran N.

At the same time that the announcement of Dragalia Lost was made, we have been able to see a trailer for the new Nintendo mobile game where some gameplay clips of the title are included that allow us to see “where the shots go”.

What do we know about Dragalia Lost?

Dragalia Lost will be released for iOS and Android around the world later this summer, but there is not yet a specific release date. As usual in this kind of cases, the game will first arrive in eastern lands, with Japan being one of the first countries where we can download it. However you can make use of any of the VPN to download and install apps and games from other regions, some of the peoples are not going to wait for its launch. Because they can simply play the game on Nintendo 3DS emulator Android and Pcs.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo’s new CEO, Shuntaro Furukawa, expressed his desire to grow Nintendo’s smartphone business, saying that the company “should focus on things that only Nintendo can provide to players. ” Beyond these words, we do not have more details about Dragalia Lost, so the operation of the game, as much as we can guess, is an unknown.

dragalia lost

If we look at the other Nintendo mobile games that have already left their mark on the market, it is more than evident that it will be a free title with a significant presence of micropayments. It is likely that Dragalia Lost also arrives first on one platform than another, but in this case, we do not bet on it.

Some of the developer’s games are famous for using a kind of “loot boxes” to get new characters, so it is likely that this was the means used to “hook” users.

We hope to see the new Nintendo game available for download in our country for mobile phones at the end of summer.