How to Earn From a Travel Blog?

How to Earn From a Travel Blog?The opportunity to travel around the world on someone else’s dime and even being paid for it, DREAM JOB right? Becoming a travel blogger seems like a great idea, but as you get the ball rolling the process can get increasingly overwhelming.

How to Earn From a Travel Blog?

How to Earn From a Travel Blog?

To make living from your travel blog is not as easy as it seems. It requires a tremendous amount of work as well as a tremendous investment of time and effort before you begin to see any benefits. The most important way to earn money as a travel blogger is first to think like an entrepreneur and not an employee.

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When you start with your blogging multiple income streams are a safer option. Here’s how travel bloggers really earn.

Affiliate Partnership

In an affiliate partnership, a blogger links back to a retail website. When a reader follows the link and makes any purchase the retailer pays the blogger some commission for the referral.

How to Earn From a Travel Blog?

Bloggers usually recommend products or services they usually use, like and trust. These products mostly include travel accessories, apparels, fashion accessories, etc. Many e-commerce companies dealing with Travel related stuff are always looking for passionate travel bloggers. If you have a great network and a strong fan-base, you can easily earn a lot using affiliate partnership.

Social Media Promotion

Companies also pay bloggers to run their social media sites such as Twitter or Instagram campaigns, where the blogger takes over the company’s account to post and share their original photos and thoughts.

How to Earn From a Travel Blog?

How to Earn From a Travel Blog?

The duration of handling the account may vary depending upon the availability and the purpose of the Promotion campaign. Many travel companies use this mode of publicity to attract more customers for their new schemes or offers.

Gooogle AD-Sense

Many bloggers use Google AdSense. This service essentially enables you to place Google ads on your site and pays you for the exposure. But it isn’t a large income stream and a blogger needs a high volume of traffic to see much income for it.

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If you are good at writing and have a huge fanbase of your work, you can monetize the traffic coming to your blog using Google AdSense.

Brand Ambassadorships

In a brand ambassadorship, the blogger is hired to represent a company through posts,  advertising,  social media,  images for commercial use and product reviews. The bloggers will work with them to choose activities, experiences, and destinations, that are of high quality and those, their readers will be interested in.

Brand Ambassadorship of any product will not just help you earn but will help you in expanding your network. If you are good building relationships, you can use this method to increase your audience.

Tie Ups with Travel Companies and Hotels

Many travel companies and Hotels tie up with Travel Bloggers as part of their marketing activity. As part of this, you get to stay in their hotels, travel using their flights/cars and eat in their restaurants. In return, all you need to do is write a review about their services.

Staying in touch with such websites can further help you earn more traffic to your blog and more followers on social media.

Freelance Content Creation

Travel related websites need fresh content every now and then.  These websites hire bloggers to write and share their travel stories and experiences. You can share your sample work to these websites and if they like your work you can start writing for them.

How to Earn From a Travel Blog?

How to Earn From a Travel Blog?

Since it’s a freelance work, you don’t need to go anywhere and invest your extra time and money. Also, when you are not traveling, you can work with multiple websites simultaneously and earn more.

At times you also get give aways and gift cards from the company you are working for, along with the money as part of their marketing campaign.

You can also get attractive gifts like cleartrip offers, MakeMyTrip deals from coupon companies and travel agencies.

Freelance Content writing can be a decent source of income for some and for some sporadic for all these reasons.

Photography Sales

Most of the travel bloggers have an amazing collection of Photos clicked during their trips. Bloggers earn money from the use of these photos in commercial marketing campaigns or editorial use by media outlets.  

How to Earn From a Travel Blog?

How to Earn From a Travel Blog?

Tour companies, national tourism boards, outdoor brands, magazines, book publishers and others buy images from time to time. If you have a decent knowledge of photography, you too can earn from your photos.

Destination Marketing

Occasionally a country’s tourism board will invite bloggers to visit and write about their experiences while traveling through their country. A campaign usually produces a mix of blog posts, social media content, photography and video footage.

Such campaigns are nowadays becoming popular in off-beat tourist locations. If you like to explore new cities and unconventional travel destinations this is the source which will pay you just to do what you love.

Organizing Tours

Many travel bloggers run their own tours to destinations around the world.  Some focus on budget travel, others focus on food, writing, retreats or photography workshops.

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You too can organize tours along with your fellow travel bloggers. This is a great way to meet passionate and interesting people from various locations and earn money at the same time.

Digital Products

Selling digital products is another way some travel bloggers earn income, like selling Ebooks and courses. Either travel guides about a particular destination or books about how to travel on a budget, how to make money from a travel blog, improving your photography,  becoming a better travel writer,  etc.

Although the job of traveling around the world seems like a dream, it’s not all a cakewalk. These are real people making real efforts to bring in the money into their own small businesses. It’s tough, but it isn’t something you can’t handle. With so many options available and the amount of freedom you possess with your own blog/website, you really are the writer of your own story.